3 Benefits of Rescuing a Shelter Dog

Shelter dog.

Shelter animals are often seen as the used cars of the pet world. Their history is unknown, and some fear surprises could be lurking under the hood. But as many shelter-dog owners can tell you, most of those fears are unfounded.

According to the Humane Society of the United States and Veterinary Pet Insurance, here are just three of the many benefits of adopting a shelter dog:

1. Less expensive

Shelter dogs usually cost considerably less than pups from pet stores. You may not get your pick of purebreds, but you’ll often find a well-adjusted dog that’ll be happy and comfortable in your home.

2. You have options

You’ll find dogs of all ages, sizes and personalities – and if you’re looking for a specific type, size or age of dog, stop back every couple weeks to see the new arrivals.

3. Give an abandoned dog a home

By adopting a shelter dog, you’re giving a home to an abandoned pup that might otherwise be left in the kennel for months.

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