Which Pet Is Right for You?

Young boy hugging small black dog on couch


From gerbils to puppies to rabbits to cats, people have a lot of choices for household pets these days. Depending on your lifestyle, you may be better suited for a certain type of pet. While there may be certain stereotypes of cat people and dog people, use this guide instead to discover the best pet for you.

If you…

Love the outdoors and have a yard

Get a dog. These furry friends are known to be social creatures. A puppy will keep you company and join you on your adventures. They love to play and run outside. If you consider getting a dog, remember that they require a significant time (and financial) commitment.

Have an apartment or spend the occasional weekend away from home

Get a cat. A kitten will spend quiet nights at home with you. They don’t require outdoor playtime but can be good home companions. Cats are relatively low-maintenance compared to dogs – you will not need to come home during the day to let your cat outside.

Have a limited budget or small living space

Get a small rodent. For those who would like a furry puppy or kitten but do not have the space available (or are not permitted to have them in a rental property), a small rodent such as a gerbil or guinea pig can be a great substitute. They will require playtime outside of their cages, but do not need a large yard for exercise like a dog.

Are a frequent traveler and work long hours

Get a fish. This low-maintenance pet is a great choice for those who have demanding schedules and cannot come home to care for a pet throughout the day. A fish will also be a beautiful addition to your home – just remember that the tank will need regular cleanings.

For more information on what pet is right for you, check out this helpful new pet resource. What kind of pet are you planning on buying?