How to Choose the Right Pet for You

two people walking dog outside


From gerbils to puppies to rabbits to cats, people have a lot of choices for household pets these days. Depending on your lifestyle, you may be better suited for a certain type of pet. While there may be certain stereotypes of cat people and dog people, use this guide instead to to choosing a pet that’s right for you.

Do you love the outdoors and have a yard?

Get a dog

These furry friends are known to be social creatures. A puppy will keep you company and join you on your adventures. They love to play and run outside. If you are ready for a puppy make sure to puppy proof your home. If you consider getting a dog, remember that they require a significant time (and financial) commitment.

Consider adopting a dog

Shelter dogs usually cost considerably less than pups from pet stores. You may not get your pick of purebreds, but you’ll often find a well-adjusted dog that’ll be happy and comfortable in your home. By adopting a shelter dog, you’re giving a home to an abandoned pup that might otherwise be left in the kennel for months

Do you live in an apartment?

Get a cat

A kitten will spend quiet nights at home with you. They don’t require outdoor playtime but can be good home companions. Cats are relatively low-maintenance compared to dogs – you will not need to come home during the day to let your cat outside.

Do you have a limited budget or small living space?

Get a guinea pig

For those who would like a furry puppy or kitten but do not have the space available (or are not permitted to have them in a rental property), a small rodent such as a gerbil, hamster or guinea pig can be a great substitute. They will require playtime outside of their cages, but do not need a large yard for exercise like a dog.

Do you work long hours or travel often?

Get a fish

This low-maintenance pet is a great choice for those who have demanding schedules and cannot come home to care for a pet throughout the day. A fish will also be a beautiful addition to your home – just remember that the tank will need regular cleanings.

View more helpful pet care tips. If you’re planning on buying a pet, remember to research pet insurance to find the right policy that is best for you and your pet.