A Short History of the Car Radio

It’s hard to imagine a road trip nowadays without a soundtrack playing on your car’s stereo. In fact, music is a mainstay of pretty much any car trip, whether it’s a quick drive across town or a long-distance trek. Of … Continued

Connected Cars Could Provide Safer, Faster Transportation

In today’s always-on world, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to stay connected 24/7 – and that means being able to stay connected while driving. To accommodate that demand, tech companies are working with automakers to explore new ways to … Continued

10 Ground-Breaking New Car Gadgets for 2015

What will be shaking up the automotive industry in 2015? Here are 10 innovative items and technologies driving the coming year, according to NYDailyNews.com and Digital Trends. 1. Portable jump start kits New portable jump start kits offer the flexibility of … Continued

Wireless Vehicles Paving the Way for Car Hacking

From cell phones to laptops, technology has become increasingly reliant on WiFi. Even automakers are getting into the act by developing cars that serve as wireless hot-spots. But with WiFi comes the risk of hacking. CNN and Forbes have revealed … Continued

Quintessential Apps for Every Type of Car Enthusiast

Whether you enjoy watching auto races, fantasize about modifying your daily driver or simply want to get the latest from the auto world, we have you covered. Check out these apps, recommended by CNET and Automobile Magazine, to satisfy your … Continued

Innovative Technology Aims to Detect Drowsy Driving

Driving drowsy is an accident waiting to happen – causing more than 100,000 auto accidents and 1,550 deaths each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In response, carmakers and tech companies are developing technology to detect tiredness … Continued

Tired of Driving in Circles? Check out These Parking Apps

Innovative smart phone apps are helping to solve a major headache for drivers: Finding a parking spot that’s available and affordable. Conversely, owners of parking spaces are renting out their in-demand real estate when they don’t need it or when … Continued

Hype vs. Help: New safety features in cars

Advances in car technology have made it difficult to choose what add-ons you really need and which are excessive or worse yet, dangerous. We’re all for innovation, but we want to help you find out what new safety features are … Continued

4 New Car Gadgets for 2014

There are probably a few things about driving that you don’t like. It might be how much you’re paying for gas, or maybe it’s that you can never remember where you parked your car. Many people are terrified of blind spots. Fortunately, there are some amazing new car gadgets that can help lessen these driving pains.

Keep reading for the scoop on the must-have car gadgets for 2014.

Apps for Smarter Driving

These smartphone apps put resources and reminders at your fingertips. Traffic jams, getting lost, expensive repairs, parking tickets—these headaches can take the pleasure out of cruising in your car. But these smartphone apps can help road warriors conquer some common … Continued