Fix These Home-Repair Issues Now


Pay now, save money and headaches later.

Even if you live in the house of your dreams (lucky you), there are always details that need attention. Some, like a paint touch-up here or a new light fixture there, can wait. Others, like a new kitchen or bathroom, can actually add value to your home, but they’re not anything to worry about unless you’re ready to sell.

Some home improvement projects, however, really can’t be put off. They’re issues that can lead to big, and even potentially dangerous, problems.

Here are four fixes that shouldn’t wait.

1. A Leaking Roof

Even a small roof leak can let water into your attic, ceilings and walls. This can cause more than just decorative damage—it can promote the growth of mildew. Plus, long-term exposure to moisture can cause structural damage to the roof and attic.

2. Faulty Wiring

Damaged or improperly installed electrical wiring is a serious fire hazard. It can heat up and smolder for months before catching fire. Possible signs of trouble include frequent power outages, flickering lights, and loose plugs or electrical shocks, says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you have any doubts, have your home’s electrical system inspected—and have problems repaired by a professional. Never try to make repairs yourself.

3. Defective Plumbing

Poorly installed or faulty plumbing can cause more than a giant flooded mess. It can lead to burns by scalding if there’s a problem with the pipes or the hot water heater. Mistakes made during installation can also lead to a build-up of bacteria, viruses or carbon monoxide that can cause serious illnesses or even death.

4. Structural Problems

Even the perfect home may have a few imperfections, and that’s no big deal. What could be a problem, though, are signs of structural issues that could lead to huge hassles down the road. Some things to look for are major cracks or flaws in the foundation, sloping floors, doors or windows that don’t open and shut properly, or faulty siding. Have a professional inspector take a look and address structural issues earlier rather than later.


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